Film Grain MAC

Film Grain MAC 1.1

Software to remove film grain noise

The Film Grain MAC software program is an image polisher program that is designed to remove the film grains on images for MAC. An average photo has lots of noise, film grain, scanner lines, CCD noise, paper texture and many more.

The Film Grain MAC makes sure that any computer generated images you have will look as real as possible by filtering those unwanted smudges that come with the images it generates.

Three dimensional images can look like a photograph with this application. This program can let you make a grain match on two photos to find out how much grain each photo will have compared to the other.

The Film Grain MAC will show you how to get a noisy image and duplicate it into a new layer. The blurring effect you do on the application will help you remove the noise.

The grain extract mode will extract the noise and flatten the image in two dimensions. The Film Grain MAC is designed for MAC and the noise area on the image can have a tile pattern.